Grillo is a range of Italian built agrigarden machines for your garden. They produce a vast range of motorhoes, walking tractors, sickle bars, tracked carriers, professional and domestic use lawnmowers and accessory.

Grillo climber ride-on mowers are built to mow in conditions other ride-on mowers can’t handle.

•Mow safely up and down slopes of up to 30 degrees

•Mow across 17 Degree slopes – even when difficult and slippery

•Control over 1 meter tall grass on rough or steep ground

They also work really well with long wet grass. No longer are you or your family forced to frequently mow your property just to keep the grass from getting too long for your machine to manage. Now you can let it grow before you need to head out again. Find out why standard ride on mowers won’t cut it on hilly or rough properties.

Grillo Steep terrain mower or rear catcher out front mower all sizes and power available. We have both these model in stock and can arrange a demonstration at your property to show you what they can do.

Grillo Mission Statement:

“To improve man’s quality of life and work” is the philosophy that GRILLO always tries to convey whatever the company may do, starting from ideas and plans to the realization of production, passing through its own internal and external organisation and distributor network and finally arriving with the most important person, our customer.

For GRILLO, better working is synonymous with better living thus ensuring high quality of life. With these goals in mind, GRILLO has for plus 50 years designed and produced quality machines which have people’s needs as their focus.

The company continuously invests in innovation. This continuous improvement results in quality and reliability and this, combined with excellent service assistance and spare parts, assures that GRILLO products retain their value over time.