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The STIHL name has stood for revolutionary technology and innovative ideas ever since the firm was founded. Throughout their 85-plus year history, the STIHL brand is known round the world today for quality and service.  In more than 160 countries their products are helping people at work, and using state-of-the-art engineering they have become the world’s leading chain saw brand.

To buy STIHL equipment is to buy a total package of product and service. The STIHL range of chain saws and garden care products is only sold through Specialist Dealers -who carry not only products, but spare parts and accessories, and have workshop staff trained by STIHL technicians. In this way, consistent, expert service is built into every product sold. It is this commitment to the customer and the product in both pre-delivery and after-sales service that positions STIHL so strongly in the market.

Historically, STIHL’s products were chain saw based, with a farmer and professional bias. Over the last fifteen years, product developed for the domestic market has been introduced and the STIHL product portfolio now also includes Brush cutters, Line trimmers, Blowers, Hedge trimmers, Cut-off machines, Earth Augers, High Pressure Cleaners, safety clothing, and various accessory items.

STIHL is the world’s leading brand of chain saws and is a market leader in the outdoor power equipment industry. It owes this achievement to three main factors:

Strict adherence to product quality standards Innovative product design based on the needs of the market. Heavy emphasis on reliable spare parts and service back-up through a Servicing Dealer Network.

STIHL Pty Ltd recognises and accepts its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. The nature of the equipment STIHL manufactures and its use in the natural environment means operational safety and environmental considerations are ever-present. STIHLs’ concern for safety is paramount and it leads the world in developing safeguards for users and bystanders, as well as the environment in which we all live.

STIHL’s commercial interests are inextricably linked with the preservation and management of the natural environment. The company’s equipment is widely used in landcare, forest management and arboriculture. STIHL fully supports all scientifically-based efforts to conserve the natural resource and to manage it on a sustained yield basis, inline with rational social and economic considerations.

Environmental considerations have also influenced the design of STIHL products, to reduce noise and the risk of fire. STIHL actively encourages the planting and cultivation of trees through sponsorship of agro-forestry and community tree-planting programs, while our engineers are constantly striving to produce safer and environment-friendly products.